Our objective is that everyone, no matter his or her level, age or previous experience, can enjoy and learn how to surf. We want everyone to believe in his or her own capabilities and grow in confidence in the sea. Safety is also our main priority. All our instructors are ISA and CPR certified and the surf classes are defined based on weather and sea conditions. This is to say, we go out surfing only if the conditions are safe for everyone; otherwise the session is rescheduled. Classes are approximately 90 minutes long and will vary according to the level and previous experience of the students.

Surfboard, lycras, transportation to the surf locations and hydration during the surf lessons are always included.


The beaches of Santa Teresa are one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica and they are the perfect starting point for the surf lessons. Gentle foams will let you have the first sensation of this wonderful sport.  Our challenge is to develop your skills so that you can gain independence and confidence in the water.  We will focus on your balance on the board and make sure that you have all the necessary safety tips to get into the water: handling the board, managing wipeouts, etc. Our policy is to have no more than three surfers per instructor, this is important to make sure that you are properly observed and receive a personalized feedback in the water. 

The aim of the surf camp is to develop your skills

Intermediate surfers will be introduced in the art of catching waves and developing “the surfer instinct”. First of all, your surf instructor will look for the best surfboard size according to your level (you will usually be using a smaller board than beginners). We will focus on your paddle technique, on how to observe the sea and read the upcoming sets so that you are in the best spot,  and on developing a fast and proper pop up. Furthermore, the instructor will be coaching you on how to turn to one side or another according to the wave, and evaluating your position on the board, your style and your balance…so you’d better get ready!


Advanced surfers will have an initial surf session with an instructor so that they can set a common objective to target along the week together (i.e. improve your pop up technique in faster waves, develop certain surfing and take advantage of the wave, etc.).

Based on this first day - and on surfing conditions - we will decide which beach is the best to make sure that we make the most out of it. We will always seek bigger and steeper waves and will look to take you to the next level: we want you to have a safe surfing session with a lot of adrenaline and make sure that this experience drives your will to keep on developing yourself in this sport. For advanced surfers there will be one instructor for two people for a safe session and better feedback.

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